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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that....

Ugh, is it only Tuesday??

The husband and I had such a fantastic weekend, and now we're looking forward to the Memorial Day plans next weekend. Let me tell you, this is really putting a damper on Monday - Friday....

Saturday, I threw together a last minute yard sale with my mom and a friend. It was hot but we managed to get rid of a lot of things and all make a little cash. At the same time, my dad, young brother and husband were all in the back yard taking down the last of the tornado damaged trees. 

Now that all of the clean up is done we can start working on making the yard look like this!

{all from HGTV.com}

Obviously its going to be awhile ...


I think its officially late spring in north Alabama - hot and humid for three or four days, then rainy and humid for three or four days. And repeat.

These are two if my favorite things to keep cool this season:

Simple Raspberry Lemonade. Holy crap. This stuff is ridiculously addicting. Confession: I go through at least two bottles a week! {its in the grocery store section with the orange juice...}

Stirrings Simple Red Sangria mix. I just bought my first bottle of the season. Definitely one of my favorite things about summer. {Local folks - I get this at Le Gourmet Chef at Bridgestreet}


I'm also working on organizing my craft room. When people come over and check out the house, I usually refer to that room as the "craft room/junk room" ... because it looks pretty junky. All the leftover pieces of furniture and decor have found a haphazard home in this room. Now that the yardsale has taken care of a lot of that, I'm on a roll.

Here's some of my inspiration!

{Apartment Therapy, the little things, Pottery Barn}


I'm also putting together a little care package for my favorite niece Olivia. Some onesies, her baby announcements, burp clothes.... Can't wait to send it off to her and Melissa!

Cutest thing ever?! I think so!

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