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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gushing over a Mississippi wedding ...

Despite the fact that this blog kinda serves as my way of telling you guys about all kinds of great stuff, I don't feel like I really gush about stuff that often. I mean seriously gush ...

The backstory. There is a photography studio from my college town that I tend to keep up with {via their blog - Armosa Studios}. I knew the photographers, Wes and Tera, in college and they even did mine and J.B.'s engagement pictures while we still lived in town. The other day, Tera posted about a fantastic wedding shoot they had just done. How surprised was I to find out that the wedding was in Cleveland, Mississippi - my husband's very small hometown six hours away!
So I click. I read. The wedding was in J.B.'s home church. The bride and groom went to Delta State, the local university where his dad is a professor. And my father in law knows them well. Small, small world.
Ok great, who really cares? {I know what you're thinking ...}
THEN, I checked out the wedding pictures. 
And I gushed.
And gushed.
And gushed.

I love love this bride's style. I love love her color choices {grey and yellow}. I love love her dress. I could go on and on. Instead, maybe I should just share so we can all gush together, eh?

I love the skeleton key boutonnieres! And it looks like an assortment of fabric flowers, vintage buttons, and lace. Sigh. These are perfect.

The asymmetrical flowers are fantastic!!

The dress. The lace. Wow.

I. cannot. get. over. those. doors. I love love love them. Seriously. Church weddings can be difficult to make your own. But wow. I love this set up. What a perfect look!

It's weird seeing something you know turning into some unexpected. Off the top of my head, I can tell you that this reception was held at a local restaurant called Airport Grocery. It's one of those local vintage places that everyone knows.
While I've had a couple of meals there, it never occurred to me what a fantastic location it would be for a wedding reception! Especially one styled like this!

The bride left in her grandmother's wedding dress. She redesigned the style and fit, using all of the original materials. Wow. Obviously its a great creative idea, but what a beautiful gesture to where she comes from.

So many gorgeous things! It really makes me wish I could get married all over again! As much as I love my wedding, at the time I really didn't have any idea what I was doing. I was the first of any of my friends to get married and hadn't even been to that many weddings myself. Sometimes I feel like I missed out on so many beautiful, creative ideas that come with weddings.

Congrats to this gorgeous bride and groom! And thanks again to Armosa Studios for showcasing this incredible wedding!

To check out Armosa Studios, go { h e r e }.
To check out this specific wedding post, go { h e r e }.

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