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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Bedroom Reveal!

Isn't it about time that I shared the new look in the guest bedroom??
 I've really been enjoying this room. It's super calm and comfortable, just the way I want my guests to feel.
Come on in.

{Denver likes it too}

Remember my newly reupholstered chair? It fits right in here.

Over the chair, I have some garden baskets on the wall filled with classic paperback books.

The bedroom furniture is all super affordable and from Target.com. Simple and functional.

Lamp and candle holders are Pottery Barn. And I'm a sucker for hydrangeas...

I grabbed the mirror over the bed for next to nothing at a local design store. It was pretty banged up and a leftover piece of a set. Didn't bother me any...

I gave it a coat of cream spray paint and then distressed it with a sanding block. 

As always, I'm tweeking, but I'm already pretty sold on this place. 

Ya'll feel free to drop by anytime!

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