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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 7 - After the Storm

Well, it's been a week since the tornadoes came through Alabama, but it so many senses it feels like no time at all.

My husband and I live in an area that has suffered a lot of devastation. It's everywhere we go. Houses gone, 200 year old trees ripped from the ground, debris everywhere. But you see other things too. Volunteers handing out water, families giving hugs, total strangers offering a hot meal or to help clear out the rubble. I'm so so proud of our community. We have banned together and house by house are helping everyone that we can find. 

The days are kind of running together for me. I had to take a moment today and say, "ok, it's Monday." We've been without power for 7 days now {quite an adventure!}. And dawn to dusk curfews have been strictly enforced. We work all day then come home and crash when everything goes dark. J.B. and I are continuing to volunteer where we can to remove debris, save belongings, and cut down trees that have found their way into peoples living rooms and kitchens. I've had my neck hugged by people that lost everything, and you know what they say? "Thank you." Wow. It's so humbling.

In the midst of all of this, some of you may remember that my husband is also an insurance agent. What a chaotic experience that has been as well. He's so stressed that sometimes I think I can see his eyes cross {kidding}. But I'm glad to be here to help him and his clients dig their way out of this mess. My husband is such a kind and giving man. Times like these just make him a big 'ole ray of sunshine to so many people and I'm just glad to watch. But keep him in your prayers too as he tries to find ways to help people as quickly as possible.

Here are some photos of houses that we've worked on in our neighborhood and community. Some of these folks are worse off than others, but all so very very grateful to be still here with us.

Fingers crossed for power restoration asap. I can't wait for hot showers and normal food. Every day things like television shows, clean laundry and heck, lights, would be a nice distraction right about now {we sometimes feel like a real like I Am Legend!}. But its a lot easier to keep up a positive attitude when you've been as fortunate as we are here. I still can't believe our luck. We have a very densely wooded property and lost a lot of trees, but every single one fell all around our house, damaging very little of the structure.

We live in the north Madison/Harvest community and were only one of several areas in Alabama that were effected by these storms. Tuscaloosa, Cullman, Phil Campbell, Hackleburg and Arab are just a few more that I know suffered devastating losses. Keep these areas in your prayers.

Hope to update soon with something other than storm updates!

***UPDATE: A mere 10 minutes after I posted this, our power came back on!!! Never have I ever  been so excited to wash clothes and take a hot bath!!!***

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