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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Woven Bulletin Board - tutorial

The other day several of you asked me what the fabric calendar was hanging from. Well, here's your answer...

It's a woven bulletin board I made a little while back. Here's a tutorial!

I got the idea from one I saw online:

I believe this is burlap here, and I had linen {surprise, surprise}. I also wanted my bulletin board to be framed. So I grabbed a cheapo frame from a local thrift store. {$3}

{sweet cowboy print, eh?}

{yeah, Delilah was disgusted with it too...}

But nothing a little black spray paint couldn't spice up. 
{and obviously the cowboy print didn't make the cut. sorry, pioneer woman}


 - Frame with either a thick cardboard back or a corkboard back.
 - fabric
 - staple gun
 - scissors

First,  cut your fabric. There will be two pieces of fabric to cover this bad boy. Piece #1 {aka the vertical piece} needs to be the same size as the back board plus 3-4 extra inches of fabric on the top of or bottom.
I added the extra inches on the bottom side here.
I'm not sure how I ended up taking a picture from the side? Spaz ...

Piece #2 {aka the horizontal piece} needs to be the same size as the back board plus 3-4 extra inches of fabric on the left or right side.

Again with the sideways picture! I'm awful. But the extra fabric there is on the right side of my back board.
{just til  your head a little to the left, there, now you see it!}

Next cut these two pieces of fabric into strips {mine are 2 inches wide}. The extra long vertical piece should be cut into vertical strips and the extra long horizontal piece should be cut into {you guessed it!} horizontal strips.

I just measured these with a ruler and used a pen to mark them before I cut.

Now attach them!

Start with your vertical strips. Lay these out along the board in a straight, even row. Tuck one end over the edge of the board and staple down to the back {only one end, the other end has to remain unattached for the weaving process}

I ran into a little hiccup here because I realized that my board was too thin to handle the staples in my staple gun. The sharp edges came through on the front side. No worries, I just changed to a regular office stapler instead of this big manly one.

Once you are done with the vertical pieces, move on to the horizontal pieces. Remember, only staple one end of each strip!

Here's the back of my board afterwards.

Now you get to start the weaving process. It's just like making a basket - over, under, over, under.

I found the best way to go about it is to fold my horizontal strips back onto the table and weave them through the vertical strips one by one.
As you get a piece woven all the way across, pull it taunt and then tuck it around and staple to the backside.

When you're done weaving across it should look something like the picture above. Then just tuck your final edge under and staple down. Make sure everything has been pulled tight.

And you're done! Load the back board into you frame and decorate!

This piece is in my black and cream office. I've got some favorite photos, crafty flowers, fabric swatches, and other fun nick knacks attached to it.

I love my wire word too.

Its nice to have a bulletin board with a little texture to it. This project took me less than an hour to complete and under $6 to put together.


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