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Friday, April 29, 2011

We are safe.

Sorry for my absence friends! I had great plans on Wednesday to share our new dining room wainscoting project. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a few plans of her own.

{from my front porch, before I even knew ...}

I'm sure most of you know by now that a torrent of tornadoes racked the southeast on Wednesday, ravaging the state of Alabama especially.

One of the first tornadoes that came through did hit our neighborhood, destroying a lot of homes and damaging almost all of them. Yes, I was home with the puppies {more on my story later}.

But we're safe. And we were very very lucky. The damage sustained to our house is all cosmetic and completely manageable. Many of neighbors were not so lucky. Fortunately, I don't know of any fatalities in our neighborhood.
We're out of power and probably will be here for several days. Supplies are few and gas is hard to come by, but we're all getting by just fine. Ironically after the storm, the weather has been gorgeous! The sounds of chainsaws and generators fills the air nonstop. Due to the severity of the damage to the houses, many families are camping out in tents in their front yard. We've got our propane grills going to cook up all the food in everyone's freezer. Mmm, steak!
Cell service and phone service has been practically non-existent so trying to get a hold of friends and family is tough. In this day and age, its tough to be completely cut off from the outside world in the midst of a disaster! From what I've heard, most of my family and friends are safe and without damage. I did get news this morning that several of my former classmates were killed in the tornado in Tuscaloosa. My heart hurts for those families and the families of anyone that lost a loved one. This is such a tough time for so many communities in Alabama.

At the moment, J.B. and I are making a run to Corinth, MS to meet his dad. He's got a large generator and a carload of supplies for us and our neighbors - water, bread, gas, baby food, chainsaws, axes, extension cords for generators. I'm loving that man right now!

Getting out of the area has allowed us cell coverage and {yay!} internet connections through a broadband card. I'll hopefully be able to update you more on the recovery happenings later {sorry, you're going to have to wait a bit on the wainscoting post, folks}.

But thank you. Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. We're so blessed to be safe and have been overwhelmed with your kind thoughts. God is so good to us. Keep praying for our neighbors. We hope to be able to distribute a lot of these supplies from Mississippi to our friends here. We'll be out today helping cut down trees and recover items from destroyed homes down the street. 

 Keep praying for us - love you all!

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