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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Queen of Giftcards

It's true. I really am the queen of gift cards. 

I think this is because I love getting gift cards myself. I realized several years ago that I'm one of those impossible people to shop for. So instead of just getting stuff that other people thought I would like {which I almost never do} I just ask for gift cards. Then I get the thrill of shopping PLUS the free stuff of my choice. Win/Win. My friends and family still hate it when my birthday/Christmas rolls around. I always have my little stack of gift cards while everyone else has a mountain of presents to open and "ohh" and "ahh" over. But I'm just happy as a clam with my cards so that's that.

By the same token, I also love to give gift cards. I mean, why not? You're guaranteeing the perfect gift for that person!

We went out for a birthday celebration for a friend of ours the other day. I don't think I have to tell you what we got her ...

But just because you give someone a giftcard doesn't mean it has to be impersonal and boring. Before we left the house, I put together a sweet little card and envelope.

And I spent more personal time on this than I would have wrapping some dumb present that Leah probably would have hated anyway.
I love the wire words. And she can always peel this off the envelope {its just held on with a little hot glue} and keep it. I love the little one I have hanging in my office on my woven bulletin board

With a little creativity, you can turn even the boring things in life into something special. 
How much better does it get?

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