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Friday, April 15, 2011

The one where I talk about all my projects ...

Things going on with us ....

My house has been a disaster lately {this time it has nothing to do with my cleaning skills, folks}. 
We've had some construction guys out here all week.

Did I tell you guys about my ceiling? Ugh.

Literally two days after we closed on our house back in December, the satellite guy came out to install our tv system. The poor guy thought it would take him 2 hours ... 8 hours later, he was finished. And it was about 20 minutes after he left that we found the damage. We have a landing/hallway at the top of the stairs going to the upstairs, and its about an 8x12 space. He must have accidentally stepped in the wrong spot in the attic above that and directly onto a smoke detector. The sheet rock cracked through, the smoke detector hanging detached from the ceiling. It was a sad hole. : (

We contacted the satellite company and started the process to get it fixed. At the time, it really wasn't that big of deal - we still felt bad for the installation guy that spent so long at our house. 

But the next four months were a nightmare. The satellite company (Dish Network) directed us to their insurance company to handle the claim. Every single person we dealt with was completely useless. It was like the damage to our new house was a serious inconvenience to them
Four. months. later. we'd dealt with all the useless insurance people we could. And their contractor had promised to come out three different times to repair it and blown us off each time. We finally demanded a check for the damages to hire our own guy and be done with them. After we brought up the possibility of contacting an attorney, they obliged. : )

And now, my ceiling is finally being fixed! They finished putting up the new piece today. Still several more steps until its completed, but I'm excited!

 {picture taken from the top of the stairs}

I've never lived in this house without that hole in the ceiling. And I've held off on doing much decorating in this area until it was repaired.
I've got great plans for this space once its done!

That left hand wall is host to my gallery wall, which you can see I started in this post  h e r e .
But this space need to lose the beige pant and boring light fixture. Still browsing for just the right ones.

I also can't wait to put a set of french doors on the opposite wall from the stairs. Straight ahead leads into our master suite. This space could really use some natural light and some gorgeous glass doors would be just the thing!

Can't wait to get going on these projects!


As if I need more to do! We're hosting the family Easter lunch at our house this year. Plus Easter Sunday is both my Mom and Grandfather's birthday! Lots of planning and partying to be done. Just have to get the house fixed up for my guests.

It includes a looooong list:

 - Finish upstairs guest bathroom. {almost done! can't wait to show it to you}

 - Finish dining room wainscoting. The husband and I are finally get going on this. Hoping to finish up this weekend, so there should be an awesome DIY post to follow!

 - Re-style the guest bedroom. {dadgum, am I fickle or what?? Hmm, absolutely nothing accomplished here yet. You can be that this will be my Last Minute Lucy project.}

I'd really love to add another project to that list too ... {or do I??}
 - Reupholster the new {to us} wing back chair. 

We picked this chair up from the curb on the street next to ours. It obviously needs some new upholstery, but the bones of the chair are in great shape. 

Delilah just loves it.
I think she seriously believes that this chair in on the back deck just for her to sit on. 
What a diva.
{I think this is the part where my husband mumbles something about her being just like her mother}

But this is my first ever reupholster project. I'm super nervous and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. So far I still have all my fingers and toes attached, but no promises.
I keep telling myself that its ok if this doesn't work out. Its not like I have any real money in it {just loads of blood, sweat and tears this far - mostly sweat ...} If any of you have any tips, comment below! I'll take all the help I can get!

While today has been nasty and stormy here in North Alabama, this weekend promises to be glorious. I'm really hoping to knock a lot of these project out. 

What about you, big pre-Easter plans??

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