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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Recovery.

I suppose I've taken an accidental blog sabbatical the last couple of days. 

It's been nuts around here. In the past week we've hosted great visits with my father in law from Mississippi and then my mother in law from Florida. And yesterday, a group of my own family all came over for a big Easter/birthday lunch.
Before, during, and after all these visits, I was scrambling to finish the dining room wainscoting, the upholstering of the vintage armchair, the redecorating of the guest bedroom. Add in the construction guys trying to finish the repairs to our ceiling and all the general cleaning and cooking around the house to prepare for company and yes, I was off-my-rocker crazy.
I did have a lot of help from my superhero husband. He worked hard to finish all that we could and then worked hard to assure me that it was okay that everything wasn't perfectly finished. 
{in case you can't tell, I have a hard time with that concept. what do you mean everything isn't perfect?!}

But I so so enjoyed this Easter. It has to be the happiest of all holidays for me. To celebrate God sacrificing the most precious and perfect gift ever given. To celebrate life and love in our Savior. How is that not the happiest of all days?! I just can't stop smiling thinking about it.
See, there aren't any kids around right now. Not in my local family anyway. So for now, there's no Easter egg hunts or baskets. No Easter bunny or over abundance of Peeps. And while those things are super fun, sometimes its nice to enjoy the day for its true meaning without letting all the pastel colors and commercialism get in the way.

So, yes, I'm technically a day late. But let me be the final person to wish you all a

The spirit of Easter and Christ's unending love for us is definitely something that can be celebrated more than one day a year anyway, right? {Can I "amen, sister" myself?}

And while I'm at it ...

to my sweet mom and grandfather!
I love having a two-for-one on April 24th each year with two of my very favorite family members. Their birthdays fell on Easter this year and I know they both had a really special day.

But I have to be honest, its kind of nice to have my house back and nothing to plan for.

Plus, I've got lots of great things coming up for the blog! 

: :  Wainscoting is almost done.
: :  My first upholstry project looks like it might have been a success. 
: :  My sweet niece Olivia is California is getting a pretty darling package this week.
: :  My guest bedroom got a calm new look.
: :  And how about another giveaway? Free stuff? Yes please!

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