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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Glazed Lamp - tutorial

I've been meaning to get a new lamp for our living room.
Unfortunately everything I find is either a. boring or b. expensive. That just won't do.

So like a true DIY-er, I started scavenging thrift store for a good lamp to refinished. 
Here's the one that I pick up for $10:

{purchased at A New Leash On Life - a thrift store that benefits local animal shelters!}

And imagine my surprise when I get home and found out that its also a touch lamp!
How very 90's of me! :)
I went around and around about how I wanted to finish this lamp, but after talking to a friend about some wall art she was going to refinish, I had a glazing technique stuck in my head.

  - primer
 -  paint
 - glaze
 - old washcloth {not pictured}
 - paintbrush {not pictured}

*If it comes in a spray can, I'm a huge fan. Spraying something is always faster and smoother.

First tape off the top of the lamp and the cord so as not to get paint on them.

Spray your lamp with metal primer.

Then with spray paint.
{both my paint and primer are white, but I think you can see the nice glossy difference}

Once your paint is good and dry, brush on your glaze.

While the glaze is still wet, dampen your washcloth and start to gently wipe it off. Make smooth motions and the glaze will remain in the crevices, giving your lamp that prefect aged look.

Be careful because all of the glaze can possibly be wiped off while its wet. If you wipe too much off, just apply the glaze again and rewipe.

This entire process is so incredibly easy! The hardest part for me is just waiting for each layer of paint to dry.
Here are so more pictures of the lamp. You can see the great detail on it up close.

I'm not totally sold on the white color yet. Fortunately, repainting and reglazing it are a breeze so I can change it easily!

I seriously seriously love the glazed look on furniture. The trick is to use it on pieces that have great little nooks and crevices. I can't wait to have an opportunity to do some of my own. Look at these great pieces!

The last three are all via AllThingsThrifty. She's a glazing fiend! Love her stuff!

Hope you're having a glorious weekend!!

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