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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

fabric calendar {tutorial}

I'm really picky about calendars. And I can never seem to find one that's just right. Seriously, it's officially April and I'm still calendar-less.

So what does the DIY-er do?
{as if I even have to ask you that}

I made my own!
{as if you didn't see that coming}

I should also let you guys know that I've officially recovered from my burlap obsession. Thanks for the prayers and kind words, hehe.... Unfortunately, my new vice is linen.

And so a linen calender was born!


 - linen fabric
 - iron-on transfer paper*
 - scissors
 - iron

*I used inkjet transfer paper {purchased at Hobby Lobby} because I own an inkjet printer. If you have a laser printer, make sure you buy the right paper. 

First decide how big you'd like your calendar pages to be. Cut a paper pattern to the right size.
{mine are about 6 x 9}

Then use your paper pattern to cut out twelve pieces of linen of the same size.

Next you get to design your calendar months! Use your own creativity here. Maybe select an image for each month. Or pick a theme. Or do like I did and choose the same image for each month. I created my template in Microsoft Word.

Which you are more than welcome to use if you'd like:

Print out each monthly page onto the transfer paper. 
Two things here:
1. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the paper. Mine specified which side of the paper to print onto, etc.
2. Make sure to print the mirror image of the design you want {since you're transferring the image with the iron}. Usually you can go to the Print Properties > Finishing > Check the "mirror image" box.
Each page should print out backwards ...

 Cut out your image and place it {upside down} onto your linen fabric.

Now do your ironing. Again, follow the instructions that come with the paper. Mine said to iron on a hard surface and to continuously iron each image for at least 30 seconds. 

When your fabric is completely cool, carefully peel back the paper. 
And behold the magic. :)

I strung mine together to hang by one corner. 

To do this I ran a ribbon through it and knotted the two ends at the front.

I like the rugged edges so I didn't trim any of the strings off mine.

What if you didn't put a printed image at the top? 
Instead you could do some stitching like on my bathroom note. {tutorial  h e r e }
Or maybe make some fabric flowers that pin to each month. {tutorials h e r e }
So many options...

I love my little calendar!

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