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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wedding Crafts {part one}

Saturday, my gorgeous friend Caroline married her sweet man, Gabe. The wedding was perfect and the couple is well on their way to the Virgin Islands as we speak {so jealous}.

Caroline has about seven thousand aunts {that's only a slight exaggeration} and they covered most of the wedding planning. But a few of us bridesmaids jumped in to help out where we could. 

Which means wedding crafts.
My infamous friend and fellow bridesmaid, Erin, and I decided to do a Wish Tree for Caroline. The Wish Tree is a Dutch wedding custom where guests are given a piece of paper to write their wishes to the bride and groom. Then hang it on the tree. It creates a great centerpiece and some wonderful mementos for the couple to keep for years to come.

That frame says,
"These cards will be for our wedding book,
A modern twist on the standard look.

As we begin our journey, brand new Mr. & Mrs, 
We could surely use your advice and good wishes.

Jot down a memory, a reminder of the day.
Draw a doodle or a picture if you're not sure what to say.

Share with us your wisdom about marriage, love and life, 
The secret to being a good husband or a thoughtful, loving wife.

Please don't forget, it would be such a shame,
To hang your card on the tree without signing your name.

Give us a drawing, words of love or fun. 
And hang it on the tree once you are done!"

I designed these cards and printed them on cardstock. The backs are blank for guests to write their wishes and advice. We punched a hole in each card and tied them with ribbon.

I'm excited for Caroline and Gabe to get home so I can pass these on to them to keep! I had a similar concept at my wedding and I love to take those out every so often to read. Its so neat to smile or laugh or cry at the sweet things your family and friends want you to know.

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