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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I over-decorate with: Twine


What is it about it that I like so much? Maybe because its so easy to work with? Or because it goes with everything? Or because it adds such great texture?

Whatever the reason, I use a lot of it.

As the binding for book bundles.

To spruce up some bland candles.

For these, I just wrapped a some twine around the base of the candles and secure with a little hot glue. I added the No. 3 just to give it a little vintage flair.

To make a frame. 

I grabbed a cheap frame at the dollar store and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. Its mindless work, but I think I remember this taking me about an hour to finish. 
{I'm sure was distracted by an episode of Criminal Minds in the meantime though ...}

See those stars hanging from the curtain rod in the breakfast area?

 Yup, hanging with twine.

 Along my kitchen counter I have a bunch of jars. Each one has a vintage label and is tied on with {yes you guessed it} more twine!
These are the same style labels as the candle above.

And what about the dining room?

How about a sweet little twine bow holding my silver wear together? Love this!

I could seriously go on for days with the stuff! And apparently, so could a few more people ...

More twine:

The snowmen are cute for Christmas, but I really like the twine wrapped bottles! Still looking for something to do with all those empty wine bottles I've been saving for just the right project.

This is a cute and simple trick that I'll have to remember.
Looks like Maggie did a post on her blog twine a couple of months ago. Great minds think alike!

I love this. Beach houses get the best decor sometimes.

Little twine vases.

Twine letters {with a tutorial!}

Do you have any twine creations or decorations?? Do share!

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