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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Table Runner Rebel

It's true. I'm a rebel. Wild and out of control.

Well, when it comes to my table runners, that is.
{sigh, someday I will be cool.}

Maybe it was the person who invented table runners that decided you used one, and used it long-way...

{via Mason Bay}

{via Farmhouse Musings}

{via Remodelista}

By the way, I love the linen and burlap runners 
{in case you didn't notice the obsession}

And I really don't have anything against the normal table runner. Look, see, my breakfast area ...

But for the dining room I had a different thought...

Why not three? Going the other direction. I know I know, I'm blowing your mind here with my out of the box thinking...

But its a little different. And I like it. 

I made these out of a light linen which only costs a couple of buck per yard. Table runners are easily $20-$50. Duh, make your own!
No major sewing here, just cutting the fabric the right size and hemming the edges.  
{I feel the need to keep reminding you guys that I'm a dreadful seamstress}

I like a lot of the above designs with the strips down the sides. Might have to add that this weekend ...

UGH. Speaking of, could this weekend get here any faster!? This week has been dreadfully long and busy around my house. Luckily my weekend starts on Thursday and I can start to play catch up on all my crafting and cooking and cleaning. Lots of posts to come!

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