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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Recipe Book

My best friend Caroline is getting married a week from today. 

When she started planning her wedding several months ago, I immediately got to thinking about what sort of "crafty-Sarah-thing" I could do for her. For those of you that don't know Caroline, let me say this -  she's not a cook. 

For what its worth, before I got married I wasn't much of a cook either. When you're a single gal and you stay busy, there just isn't much time or concern for making a meal for one. But the day before my wedding, my mom gave me a cookbook full of family recipes and I've been channeling Rachel Ray ever since {slight exaggeration, but we don't starve}.

So I thought a similar idea might be neat for Caroline and partnered with my friend Erin for the project. 
First I designed some 4x6 recipe cards. Then I put packages together with some of the blank cards, a letter explaining what we were planning, and an envelope addressed back to me. These were mailed off to 20-25 ladies that love Caroline {aunts, grandmas, bridesmaids, friends, etc}.

It didn't take long for the recipe cards to start coming back in, and Erin and I began putting the book together. I love the fact that these recipes hold so many memories for Caroline. And that each lady contributing was able to write them out personally for her.

The inside cover has a note from Erin and me.
I designed the dividers with the same bunting style as the cards.

Also added some blank cards so she could add recipes later on.

And a measurement list in the back.

Today Caroline's aunts threw a Bridesmaids Luncheon at a local cafe, Cahoots {which was incredibly neat in and of itself}. It was the perfect opportunity for Erin and I to give her the book with all those ladies there.

Maybe I should mention that this was ladies luncheon with hats! How fun is that!
And here's a couple of quick shots of all the fantastic vintage decor!

Caroline loved her book. And I think all the ladies really enjoyed being a part of the gift. Weddings are the best excuses to do the neatest things!

{Erin, Caroline and I}

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