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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Fun-Day?

I didn't mention this earlier but ...
here's where I spent my long weekend.

Yes, the gorgeous sandy beaches of Florida.

We headed down on Thursday for a getaway/business banquet for my husband/visit with my mother in law. All that makes it sound a lot busier that it was really was.
Other than attending a fancy-smancy banquet for my husband's company in Destin one night, we relaxed all weekend and visited with my fantastic mother in law, who lives in Panama City Beach. Spent lots of time lounging on the beach and sunnying by the pool. Umm, make that too much time. We've both come back with that miserable first sunburn of the season. {I know ya'll feel really sorry for me}

 We got in yesterday evening and now its back to the grindstone. Ugh. I mean, really. Who even likes Mondays??

For those of you suffering through the day wishing you were somewhere else {hmm, maybe back on the beach!} here's some gorgeous things that are cheering me up today.

OMG. I need these shoes. Right now. So fantastic!


Well hello, Urban Outfitters. What wonderful things you have for the house!


I've had my eye on this Spencer Pendant Latern light from Pottery Barn for my upstairs foyer. I'm still bound and determined to work out how I can make one for myself. That $300 price tag is beyond intimidating! I'll keep you posted ...


I'm also obsessed with finding the perfect spring wreath for my front door. Here's a couple I've been lusting after:

 {pottery barn}

{living with lindsay blog}

{homemade ginger blog - with tutorial!!}

 {laughter. life. us. blog}

Of all the wreaths that I've seen this year, there are several things that stick out to me: lots of green, moss, flowers, exposed sticks, a little birdie nest. I'm bound and determined to come up with the perfect wreath soon {geez, hopefully before spring is over}. Maybe I'll head to Hobby Lobby tonight ...

And on that note...

Anytime I need a little inspiration, I pick up one of these.

Sometimes its for crafting. Sometimes cooking, cleaning or decorating. No matter what, I always seem to get a wild hair when I read my favorite magazines.

Here's hoping you've survived another Monday. Only four more days until the weekend!


Have you entered the Spring Giveaway yet??

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