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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Linen Spring Wreath - tutorial

This wreath has been a long time coming. I've scavenged and searched far and wide for just the right idea to make a spring wreath for my front door. 

The weather in north Alabama has been nothing but showers and thunderstorms for the past few days, so what better time to sit down and finally tackle this project!

Its no secret that I'm a little obsessed with linen. And I seemed to have a lot leftover from some other projects I've done. Easy choice. But this project would work with most any cotton-y fabric.

So here she is.


 - wreath form
 - fabric (3 yards)
 - scissors
 - glue gun
- sewing machine (optional)

{I listed the sewing machine as optional because you don't have to use it. The sewing its very very simple and could be done completely by hand if you're willing to put the extra time in.}

Cut several long strips of fabric. 3-4 inches wide and the full length of what you have.

Using your hot glue to adhere the ends, wrap the linen strips around the wreath form to cover it.

Cut several more strips of cloth. Mine were 2-3 inches wide. 

Sew the edge of each strip with the longest stitch your sewing machine has.

Then grab one of the strings at the end of the stitching and start to pull. You'll have to help the thread work its way down the fabric, but it will start to bunch and ruffle.

In order to wrap these ruffles around the wreath, you're going to need a very loooooong strip of fabric. I ended up making 10-12 of these strips and then sewing the edges together to make one long piece.

Glue one end down and start wrapping.

I think its fantastic enough in and of itself! 

But if you'd like to add some embellishments ...

I added some sticks from my backyard and some moss.

and some flowers for good measure.

So glad to have my spring wreath up at last!!


Only a couple more days to enter the spring giveaway!!!

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