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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Doggie Bandanas - tutorial

You guys know my pups right?
I'm a proud mama.

Well, Delilah is a pretty big girl {95 lbs} and as Great Pyrenees breed goes, she's super fluffy and cuddly. I don't know if its all the fluff or just her size, but people always think she's a boy.

No big deal, but I thought my girl might want to doll it up with some accessories!

So I grabbed these great girly fabrics

and decided to make my girl a couple of bandannas. 

This is a pretty quick and simple project. I tried to include a lot of pictures and descriptions, so don't be intimidated. I'm a pretty terrible seamstress myself... and this is for a dog. No pressure.

First, cut out a square of fabric.  
Now, Delilah is considered a large or sometimes extra large dog. But pups come in all shapes and sizes. This might help some:

Small Dogs - 14 inches
Medium Dogs  - 18 inches
Large Dogs - 22 inches
Extra Large Dogs - 26 inches

So cut your square.
{I went with the 26 inch size}

Then divide in half diagonally.

Next, hem the two shorter edges so they don't fray.

To do this:
Flip right side down.
Fold a small edge over {and press}

The fold again {and press}.

Then sew. 

{afterward, right side up}

Next we're going to create a binding for the long side. It'll look cleaner and also give you something to use to tie the bandana on.

Cut a 2 inch wide strip of cloth. 
Make it four inches longer than your long side {so mine is 30 inches long}

Fold in half longways {and press}

Fold the edges in to meet the middle crease. 

The fold the whole thing in half again, longways. And press, again.

And now you have your binding!

Place the long edge of the bandana in the center fold of the binding. And pin in place.

Then sew a hem along the binding.

And you're done!

Girlfriend likes to wears hers off to the side. She's such an 80's rockstar.

Technically, this doesn't just have to be a dog bandana. If you have a kid that likes to dress up like a pirate or a cowboy or ... other things with bandanas, well, it works for that too.

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