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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Coffee Table Re-do

As soon as we moved into this house, we knew the coffee table (and side table) in the living room just weren't going to work. They were gorgeous contemporary glass top tables, but they didn't have the same "vibe" as everything else.

Considering that I'm a. not made of money and b. a major procrastinator, its taken me awhile to get around to hunt for the right ones. This week I got a bee in my bonnet about it and started scavenging for the best deals. I also posted our old tables on craigslist in the hopes of getting rid of them around the same time.

A mistake. Our tables sold online in three hours. 
So there we were. Table-less.

I ran out the next day see what my two favorite furniture stores had {and hoping I could afford it}. For the record, in the Huntsville/Madison area, I love love love these two places: Nina's Place on Highway 72 in Madison {a local place} & Nadeau on Airport Road in Huntsville {a franchise in several large U.S. cities}.
At Nina's I found a fantastic deal on a coffee table and matching side table. They were from a new builder and were on sale for a promotional price. Only one issue... they were partially black.

I liked the distressed black on the tables, but my livingroom is most definitely full of whites and browns. No sweat, I'll just alter it myself.
Here it is in the living room right after I purchased it.

Hauled them out onto the back deck. It was gorgeous day!

Lightly sanded them down. Fortunately these have already been distressed and didn't have a heavy sealant on them {I really hate sanding stuff}.

Then I applied a coat of off white paint. A small sample can of wall paint from Lowe's works just as well as anything else and it only costs about $3.

Originally I was planning on having to paint this thing and then go back to distress it. But the wood itself is already pretty distressed and raw. I saw that if I just put enough paint on to generally cover the black, I could be done! I did two very imperfect coats that left just a hint of the original black showing through.

The whole process took me about an hour and a half for the two tables. After they dried, I hauled them back inside.

I did end up grabbing a new rug. I think it makes a world of different and highlights the table. 
{For what its worth, I'm selling the previous rug on craiglist for pretty cheap. Contact me for details}

I'd show you more of the living room, but its undergoing a small makeover now that I've got the new tables/rug in there. Maybe I'll have a reveal sometime this week!


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