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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bathroom #2 Makeover

I finished up my other downstairs bathroom the other day.

Again, I painted this bathroom twice... It started out very beige. 

Then moved on to Mossy Forest green. 
I painted this the same time I painted that bright blue in the other downstairs bathroom. And like the blue, this great color just didn't seem sit well. I know, I know, its really cute. But it just isn't me. 

So I went with a Camel Tan colored paint.

Check out my $10 shelf! I'm so proud of my thriftiness.

1. An unfinished wood shelf from Hobby Lobby. On sale for $5. Painted it with some white spray paint I had.
2. A brown frame I had in a closet. $0
{do you guys have a ton of random frames stashed somewhere too?}
3. A hand-stitched note on a scrap of fabric. $0
4. Bar Soap $2
5. Metal bucket. $1 section at Target. {I love these and always buy a couple when they have them}
6. Brown washcloth from the linen closet. $0
7. Wash Sponge on sale at Pottery Barn. $2

Do you like the note?

I wanted something a little different in the frame. This didn't take long at all.

Just print out your design.

Then trace your letters lightly onto the fabric with a pencil {or a temporary fabric pen if you have one}.

Then sew over the letters! I actually used thread from my sewing machine {which is really thin} so I had to double it up a couple of times. I'd probably recommend getting embroidery thread if you're going to do this.

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