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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bathroom #1 makeover

I'm in the process of making over {or maybe just initially decorating} each of the four bathrooms in our house.

Does that sound completely overwhelming? Because it feels that way.

This downstairs bathroom {like everything else in the house} started off super beige. And it has kind of an awkward space in the corner across from the shower.

A couple of weeks ago, I stepped out of my neutral colored comfort zone and tried to paint this bathroom a bold color...

Isn't that robin's egg blue fantastic!? It looked so good.

But as the days went by, I kept feeling like it was a fantastic bathroom in someone else's house. As great as it was, it just wasn't me.

So I painted it again. A pale green called Crocodile Tears.
{Isn't that just the saddest sounding paint color ever?}

But I do love the look!

You guys have seen this wall before right? Check out the burlap frame tutorial  h e r e

That "W" is just a chipwood letter I picked up at a craft store and touched up with white spray paint. 
The brush is a simple scrub brush ... from Pier One, I believe.

A little fo-Roman shade for the window {it doesn't actually adjust}.

I saw a linen ladder like this on display at Pottery Barn last year {for a mere $250}.
The hubby and I decided that we could make our own for pretty cheap. We bought some 2x2 inch pieces of wood and some 1x2 inc pieces of wood. We made up our own dimensions and put the ladder together with the saddest carpentry skills known to man. Some simple wood stain finished it up.
Its pretty rickety, but I love it.

Whew, one bathroom down, three to go!

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