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Monday, February 14, 2011

love letters

Happy Valentine's Day!

Me and mine aren't very good with this holiday. I'm not an avid fan of boxed chocolates, balloons, cheesy cards or cheap gifts.
{I do like flowers though.}

So our Valentine's Day is usually no where near the Hallmark version of the holiday.
But that doesn't mean it's not a special day.

In the top drawer of my bedside table, there is a journal that holds some of my most precious things. Today might be a good day to show you.

J.B. and I have only been together for a little over three years. We met working for the same company out of college. And I'm pretty sure I feel in love with him over margaritas and cheese dip when the gang went out to celebrate our end of the month goals. {I know, so romantic...}

But we have a wonderfully, sweet kind of love. Over the past three years, he's taken to writing me all kinds of notes. Everything from wishing me a perfect day on a sticky note to writing a love letter before he left on a business trip. Anniversaries letters, birthdays messages and even a Christmas coupon card all fill up a journal inside my bedside table. 

This morning, I found this waiting for me on my dresser.

{wowzers, a two pager!}

So today I dug out all of his love letters and took a little walk down memory lane. He really is a fantastic man. And I love him more today than ever before.

A few days ago he mentioned that he was craving red velvet cake...
what kind of valentine would I be if I didn't oblige?

With my own little spin of-course.

 {slip a marble into the cupcake pan to make the indention while the batter is cooking}

Tell me these heart shaped red velvet cupcakes aren't darling!

It really isn't much. But it's us. 

Happy Valentine's Day, my love!

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