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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freebie Tuesday!

Tuesday afternoon is gloomy. I'm eager to get the rest of the week out of the way but the road ahead is long and daunting. Boo.

To heck with that. 

Wanna know what instantly cheers everyone up? Free stuff!


Got an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Check out Poolga for unique pictures and backgrounds.  All for free!

Love Polga!
 Love the different artists' style too.
I have the hardest time picking something a background but gosh. They have so many fun options!


Kate Spade has the best marketing ideas. Seriously. 
How cool are these bookcovers made from vintage magazines and books? 

Get these covers for free! {click on “downloads”}. 
You could cover any old book and make it instantly into a fantastic decor piece! Books are so easy and fun to decorate with! Love these! They even have some helpful instructions.

Thanks Kate Spade!


How about a free download for some notecards?

Just load your white cardstock in the printer and wa-la!! Big thanks to Blah Blah Blagh

I love a cheery, springtime hibiscus!


Enjoy these and don't let your Tuesday get you down!

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