H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I got a sweet note from a reader yesterday that asked me how I stay so organized and put together...

After I picked myself up off the floor and stretched out the laughing stitch in my side, I kindly and humbly let this kind reader know that I am far from put together {very far}. Maybe my blog portrays a house that is neatly picked up, a project list that is checked off, and a craft room full of labels and itemized lists? {scratches head} Wow, wouldn't that be fantastic!

So I thought today might be the day to show you a random taste of what the Live A Little Wilder world really looks like on a daily basis. It'll probably remind you of your house, and your projects, and your own weird questions.

Like my kitchen sink.
It's black and shiny. And in all its glory, it looks fantastic in the kitchen. 
But I. can. not. keep. it. clean. Every little thing shows.


Hey dining room. Pretty server, I like you.

But look up at that crown molding. 
Recently I had my husband go over all the crown molding edges to fill in any cracks. Now we need to go back and repaint the top of the gray trim.  And I rarely even think about this project to be honest. Our dining room is an entirely separate room of the house. You have to need to go in there to walk in the room, which I clearly don't do very often ...

 ... or else I might have actually removed the evergreen from the centerpiece.
Post-Christmas fail.

Master bedroom. 
I laid in bed last night and tried to figure this one out ... This fan has a light out. 

To be more specific, there are two lights there {one in that top glass and one in the bottom} There is a remote control to turn the two lights off and on and to power the fan. It's hanging from a 17 foot ceiling in the middle of the room.
Assuming I could even access it {problem one} I wonder how one changes the bulbs {problem two}...

Master bath.
This pile of stuff is sitting on the side of the jacuzzi tub.

Its all the stuff I use to create the hand painted wallpaper I've been working on I've put off working on. I imagine it will continue to sit on the side of the tub until this project gets finished.

Master closet. 
Unfinished project # 4898784.

At this point I'm really just hoping that my husband doesn't step all over these before I actually get around to this. No guarantees there. 

Landing at the top of the stairs.
 I threw these things up on one wall weeks ago and just can't decide how I feel about it. Do you ever have a decorating moment like that?

{sorry for the weird lighting. There isn't a lot of natural light in this space}

There are definitely pieces of it that I like...

Blue doorknob, you delight me.
And I love that quote.
A silhouette of my doggie, Denver? Yes please!
That twine frame took me about an hour and a half to wrap, but its worth it.

But I can't decide how I feel about the whole space. What would you do there?

Also, I have this space in my cabinet where I've been keeping empty wine bottles. 
I promise that I'm not an alcoholic {despite what this picture looks like}, but I just keep thinking that there has got to be a fantastic craft out there using empty wine bottles. So I keep saving them...

Have you heard of anything? Please oh please share!

I'll attempt to keep my dignity and  not show you what's in my fridge, {nothing} or how dirty my floors are, {very} or how many windows still need something on them {5}.

But maybe this gives you a little preview of the fact that I am just as crazy as you guys are. 
{wait, that came out wrong}

I had a minor break down yesterday {although I’m pretty sure J.B. would not call it minor}. Sometimes I just get a little overwhelmed by life and responsibilities and all my to-dos and asking for help is not my greatest strength. While I may look like I’m good at balancing marriage and business and hobbies, I can assure you I struggle mightily.

In case I don't say it enough, thank you for all of your nice comments, your amazing encouragement to me, your support of my blog.  I am so thankful for the many ways you bless me.


  1. Hey what if you made a lamp out of the wine bottles? Or maybe an oil lantern. I saw one of those made out of a Patron bottle before. Just a thought.
    - Taunton

  2. Taunton, I finally did a google search on "wine bottle lamps". Holey moley there are a lot of options out there! My mind was reeling!

    I also really like the idea of using them as candle holders ...

    Going to have to think on this some more!

  3. What about putting a string of clear christmas lights inside and drilling a hole on the back side where the plug would run through?

    - Samantha

  4. I've seen those around, Samantha! So cute! May have to whip some out for the holidays. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I saw a wall project made with wine bottles that seems might be just up your alley! Cut the bottles leaving about 4 inches of the bottom. Place them in grout...using a lot of diff colors of bottles. It was gorgeous made into a fireplace deco. I'm sure is pretty heavy..so maybe a "small" wall deco? Placed where the window light casts onto it, it was absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Make a bottle tree...I'm saving all our wine and pretty alcohol bottles, too. I painted some of the plain clear glass ones that had an interesting shape with some Rustoleum glossy paint in cream color and red.

  7. that twine frame is fantastic, being from texas and living well out near alot of sticks, i like to think my design style is cozy comfy country. ;) and well i have some frames laying around that I could totally do that with. :) No worries on the wine bottles, we have empty bottles out on our counters and yet we hardly ever drink, we just happen to keep the cool bottles over the last few years because we like the look of the bottle however I have started thinking lately, what to do with those bottles because that's really just not us. Oh and my fridge finally got a really nice scrub down last night after realllly needing it, it's like I have a new fridge, LOVE IT!