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Sunday, February 6, 2011

cateye glasses onesie {tutorial}

I happen to think this is the cutest thing ever.


 - onesie/t-shirt
 - freezer paper
 - black fabric paint
 - sequin trim
 - needle/thread

This was pretty painless too. Getting the stencil image onto the fabric took me about 20 minutes. And if you're braver than I am, you should be able to sew the trim on in about five minutes with a sewing machine. I have absolutely no confidence when it comes to a sewing machine so I decided not to risk it. I sewed the trim on by hand while catching up on this week's Grey's Anatomy.

Ready to do this?

First find your cateye glasses design. A Google search usually turns up some good options.

Print or trace your design onto the freezer paper {waxy side down}. If you have an inkjet printer, you can cut an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of freezer paper and run it through your printer. If not, just print out your image and trace it onto the freezer paper.

After you have your cateye glasses on the freezer paper, cut out the image with an exacto knife. Make sure to keep the center lenses of the glasses, you'll need those!

Now iron your stencil onto the t-shirt or onesie {waxy side down}. Make sure to iron down the cutouts for the lenses too.

Before you start painting, don't forget to stick something inside the t-shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through on to the backside.

Paint inside your stencil.

Before the paint dries, peel your stencil pieces off the fabric. Be careful getting those lenses off. I had to be super gentle not to smudge the wet paint.

Now lay out your trim. I decided to do it one section at a time, since it was a little funky to work with.
*Note: Other options here would be iron-on gems {which I find tend to fall off ...}
Or making dots with fabric paint {which is not as cute ...}
But both of those are sew-free versions.*

Make to sure not to pull the trim super tight across the fabric or else the material won't be able to stretch when you're trying to put it on the kiddo.

How cute is this??

This t-shirt is for little Amelia, crumbsnatcher of some friends of mine, Bo & Taniya. She's the cutest, silliest little girl so I know she's going to have fun rockin' this one.
{Taniya, I'll toss this in the mail to you guys on Monday}

{Wait, you mean you're not making something for your adorable niece Liv this time?}

Ha, don't you know me? Of course, baby Liv is getting one! The craft store was out of her size onesies, so I decided I could turn it into a bib. Still a little bit of a work in progress.

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