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Monday, February 7, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Yes, yes, its my birthday.

And here at the Wilder household, we don't just celebrate birthdays... We celebrate your birthday over whole weekend! Seriously, how fun is that?! {very}

My husband and I took off Friday afternoon and headed down to Birmingham to see one of my favorite bands, The Civil Wars, at Workplay.

They are so so fantastic! Just had their debut album "Barton Hollow" come out and it. is. incredible! Click on the link or the pictures to hear some of their stuff!

They were fantastic live. Even did some covers in their own style. Some pics from the show...

Dadgum, that was fun. And Workplay is such a cool venue.

Saturday was packed. I went to a baby shower {more on that tomorrow} and then a family birthday thing then had a bunch of great friends over. Sunday was recovery/relaxation day. I got a surprise breakfast in bed from my favorite bakery before my awesome husband treated me to a shopping date. Love that man!

And today. My actual birthday.

Well, its 30 degrees and rainy. Boo. Definitely going to be an inside day.
So in true Sarah fashion ...

I worked on my house. 

One of our bathrooms really a face lift. I thought a fresh coat of  paint would do the trick.

I think it makes a ton of difference! 

And when I went outside to wash out the brushes, I noticed some planters on my back porch had a surprise! 

Spring is just around the corner! I can't wait!!

My "birthday weekend" was fantastic this year. Thanks to all of you that made it special! 
{only 364 more days til the next one...}

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