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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Jude's Mobile

In about six weeks, this darling lady

is having a sweet baby boy.

Part of my day Saturday was spent at a shower for her and the soon-to-be baby Jude.
I knew she was a crafty gal that follows my blog so I thought a handmade gift was only fitting. 

She's already picked out baby Jude's bedding:

Love the rocket theme.

And for some reason, all I could think about was a baby mobile with rockets.

So a baby mobile I made!

In case you're looking into a handmade mobile, here's a super quick overview of how I did it.

the process ....
I wanted her to have a mobile that spun and played some soothing music {so fancy these days!} so I went to Babies-R-Us and grabbed an existing mobile to use "for parts."

{I cut off the tugboats and gave them to my dogs for chew toys. They were elated. 30 minutes later I was picking up stuffing all over the house. Way to go Sarah.}

I drew a rocket pattern and traced it out on black fabric.

Pinned two together and then sewed around the edges. Stuffed each rocket and stitched up the hole.

I added some blue buttons to each side of the rockets for "windows".
Also grabbed some wooden stars, painted them yellow and hung them in the middle.

Pretty adorable if I say so myself {and I do}.

I was also feeling artsy fartsy last week so baby Jude got some nursery art too.

{confession: I'm totally into the owl obsession}

Hopefully the mommy-to-be can work either of these pieces into her sweet nursery decor.

Can't wait to see the little critter sometime next month!


  1. I LOVE this blog! Thank you so much for everything! The mobile fits the bed great and the picture is awesome!
    ~ Taunton~

  2. So glad you love it. Can't wait to see baby Jude!