H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ruffled lamp shade {tutorial}

Well, here's a money saving knock off if there ever were one....
I mean, I do love Anthropologie.
But $88 for this Ruffled Lamp Shade? C'mon!

But $88 for this Ruffled Lamp Shade? C'mon!

Armed with a hot glue gun, $4 worth of burlap and a $7 lamp shade, I'm going to make my own! 
{yikes! am I on a burlap kick?}


 - lamp shade
 - burlap (I used 1 1/2 yards for a medium shade)
 - hot glue gun/glue

First step is to cover your lampshade.
I'm sure there are all sorts of ways out there to do this. And I'm sure I'm doing it completely wrong but I just rolled my lamp slowly across the fabric and traced the area it needed. Make sure to leave an inch or two extra on the edges to fold under and glue.
Hot glue works really well with burlap so attaching it shouldn't be tough {though it can get messy!}

Now start cutting strips for your ruffles. These strips needs to be 2-3 inches wide and all different lengths. 
For example, my lamp shade is 7 inches high and I cut strips that were 11 inches, 7 inches, and 4 inches long. There's no specific math to it though. Just make sure you have a variety.

Now take all these strips and fold them in half {long ways} and press.

Grab your glue gun and start attaching those ruffles! Start with the longest strips first.
Make curvy lines with the glue and stick the folded edge onto the glue line.

These shouldn't be uniform! Make them random, spaced out, whatever. The advantage to this is that it isn't a project you can mess up!

Keep attaching the long ruffles around the outside of the shade. 
Then move on to your smaller sizes in between Make sure to keep using lots of curvy lines. I like to curve them the opposite way of the ones next to them. Adds a little more texture and keeps it random.

Keep attaching the strips. When your spaces get smaller, use the smaller ruffles to fill in the gaps. 

Once your shade is completely covered with tons of ruffles, the edging on it might look a little rough...

Trim the edges by cutting the harsh corners off and curving the ruffle edges.

And you're done. Display and enjoy!!

Burlap comes in all different colors. 
This could be a great holiday shade or an every day shade like I have here!
All in all, this project took me one episode of Parenthood and most of a Biggest Loser episode.
{ok ok, so I'm catching up on my tv}

Hope you're having a beautiful Saturday!! Go create something!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

burlap frame {tutorial}


Burlap smells funny, is super messy, and impossible to sew.

But it gives anything perfect texture. No wonder burlap is so in right now!

Have you seen these frames at Pottery Barn? I love them.

{but I'm not paying $30-$40 bucks for them}

With the right materials and ten minutes, I can just make my own!
{please pardon the lighting of my nighttime crafting ...}


 - frame with matte board
 - burlap
 - hot glue gun/glue

Cut out a piece of burlap a couple inches larger than your matte.
{make sure to lay your matte board wrong-side up}

Pinch the burlap in the center and cut a hole.

Continue to cut out the inside of the frame. Make sure to leave at least an inch around the edges.

Carefully cut from the inside corners of the burlap to the inside corners of the frame. 

Put a strip of hot glue along the inside edge of the matte.
Then fold the inside edge of burlap onto the matte board.

Do this on all four inside sides.
{for the corners, I like to put a little dab of glue in the corner and pull any stray burlap pieces back onto the matte board}

Now do the same around the outside edge. Put a strip of hot glue and fold the edge over the matte board. For the corners, fold the burlap like you're wrapping a present and then glue down.

The backside isn't very flattering ...

But flip it over and frame!

I made several of these for one of my bathrooms.
The frame doesn't even need glass!

Love 'em!

These seriously take ten minutes each! How much better can it get!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Freebie Tuesday!

Tuesday afternoon is gloomy. I'm eager to get the rest of the week out of the way but the road ahead is long and daunting. Boo.

To heck with that. 

Wanna know what instantly cheers everyone up? Free stuff!


Got an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Check out Poolga for unique pictures and backgrounds.  All for free!

Love Polga!
 Love the different artists' style too.
I have the hardest time picking something a background but gosh. They have so many fun options!


Kate Spade has the best marketing ideas. Seriously. 
How cool are these bookcovers made from vintage magazines and books? 

Get these covers for free! {click on “downloads”}. 
You could cover any old book and make it instantly into a fantastic decor piece! Books are so easy and fun to decorate with! Love these! They even have some helpful instructions.

Thanks Kate Spade!


How about a free download for some notecards?

Just load your white cardstock in the printer and wa-la!! Big thanks to Blah Blah Blagh

I love a cheery, springtime hibiscus!


Enjoy these and don't let your Tuesday get you down!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stenciled Pillows

This tutorial is actually brought to you by Erin over at Lemon Tree Creations. I saw this post and immediately thought it was up my alley. I have a crazy week coming up so I don't think I can fit this into my list of things to do, but don't think that's going to stop me from sharing!

Pillows can be ridiculously overpriced. And if you're like me, you have a million in all the wrong colors hidden in some closet somewhere. I've been checking out a few options for cover my cast-offs. Here's one:

Erin used a canvas drop cloth as her fabric and bought an All Over Stencil (a really big stencil that you don't have to keep moving). A little sewing and fabric paint and she had a brand new set of pillows!

Click on the link or any of the pictures to go to her full tutorial. It seems simple enough.

I like the contrasting colors. What if you used black on a beige pillow to give it that vintage-y feel ... You could stencil words or a silhouette. Ohh, I'm so totally doing this!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Framed Chalkboard


I've noticed that chalkboards are super "in" this year. 
People have been chalkboarding everything it seems like ...

Bedroom Walls:

{love these, might have to try this}



I'm simple today. Pretty lame, in fact. I'd just like a nice chalkboard for my kitchen. For love notes, grocery lists, etc. Trouble is, you're not going to find a chalkboard in a nice frame without shelling out some big bucks {or at least, more than I think I should pay}.

And considering that I just got a $1000 utility bill in the mail yesterday {I almost passed out at the mailbox}, I decided this should definitely be DIY rather than a purchase.

      - Frame
      - posterboard
      - chalkboard paint {at any craft store}
      - paint brush

This project is so easy a caveman could do it. I'm not even going to include the usual mountain of pictures.

I cut my poster board to same size as my frame.
I put two coats of chalkboard paint on it.
{my paint bottle said use two coats. It also said to make one coat with vertical strokes and the second coat with horizontal. Who am I to disobey the paint bottle?}

{65 degrees and sunny outside! I let mine dry on the back deck}

When your paint is dry, grab a piece of chalk and rub it lightly over the entire surface. This "sets" the chalk paint.

Wipe clean with a damp rag and then doodle away!

Who doesn't love a good chalkboard?!

Maybe try out one of the other chalkboard ideas. I'd love to see what you come up with!

I've got to get back to my tasks tonight .... repainting the two bathrooms. Yeah, I know, I'm nuts. But the green bathroom and the blue bathroom just weren't sitting well with me. I'd get mad just walking past them. So, new plan. Maybe I'll have them all finished for you tomorrow ....

Monday, February 14, 2011

love letters

Happy Valentine's Day!

Me and mine aren't very good with this holiday. I'm not an avid fan of boxed chocolates, balloons, cheesy cards or cheap gifts.
{I do like flowers though.}

So our Valentine's Day is usually no where near the Hallmark version of the holiday.
But that doesn't mean it's not a special day.

In the top drawer of my bedside table, there is a journal that holds some of my most precious things. Today might be a good day to show you.

J.B. and I have only been together for a little over three years. We met working for the same company out of college. And I'm pretty sure I feel in love with him over margaritas and cheese dip when the gang went out to celebrate our end of the month goals. {I know, so romantic...}

But we have a wonderfully, sweet kind of love. Over the past three years, he's taken to writing me all kinds of notes. Everything from wishing me a perfect day on a sticky note to writing a love letter before he left on a business trip. Anniversaries letters, birthdays messages and even a Christmas coupon card all fill up a journal inside my bedside table. 

This morning, I found this waiting for me on my dresser.

{wowzers, a two pager!}

So today I dug out all of his love letters and took a little walk down memory lane. He really is a fantastic man. And I love him more today than ever before.

A few days ago he mentioned that he was craving red velvet cake...
what kind of valentine would I be if I didn't oblige?

With my own little spin of-course.

 {slip a marble into the cupcake pan to make the indention while the batter is cooking}

Tell me these heart shaped red velvet cupcakes aren't darling!

It really isn't much. But it's us. 

Happy Valentine's Day, my love!