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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Yellow Bookcase

A couple of weeks ago I bought a fabulous vintage bookcase from one of my favorite furniture stores. I was looking for a piece to take up space, but also add a little life to the room. I quickly fell in love with this gorgeous, warm yellow bookcase in the corner of the store.

Once I got the bookcase home and in its place, I immediately knew it wasn't going to work. My house has lots comfy neutrals and clean whites and this bookcase was too yellow {it was almost glowing at me}. As beautiful as it was, I had to start thinking about how I could refinish it ...

With the "blizzard" that came through the South this week, I ran out of excuses to put this project off. Now that its done, I'm loving the makeover...

{isn't it pretty?? I'm still sad about covering the yellow}

I painted over the existing yellow with two thin coats of white paint. I wanted to keep the "used" feel of the bookcase and leave the brush strokes and old paint to show through. By sliding a brown ink pad around the corners and edges, I could also give it that same aged look that it had before.

And then I filled the shelves with some wonderful knick knacks.

I'm definitely relieved that it turned out well. The more expensive a piece is to replace, the more nervous I get when I'm trying to do a fix up. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and just enjoy!

Have you done any furniture makeovers lately? Let's hear about them! I'm dying to attempt some reupholstering, who wants to teach me??


  1. Love your redo! It's beautiful! I've recently acquired a little old bookcase that I can't wait to redo:)

  2. What a wonderful transformation!! :)