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Thursday, January 20, 2011

vintage book bundles {tutorial}

I have had several questions about the book bundle on my bookcase.

No, I definitely did not pay $40 for one from Pottery Barn
{though these are cute and I wish I had the spare cash to blow at PB}

So I thought I'd share the love.
This project is so simple that it almost doesn't need a tutorial.
*Disclaimer: this project is not for the book-loving faint of heart*

  - paperback books
  - twine

This turns into a super cheap project when you grab some discount books. I went to Books-A-Million and got five paperback books from the $1 cart outside.

Funny story: When I went in to BAM with an armful of super cheap books from outside, the girl behind the counter gave me a strange look. I explained the project to her and she got wide-eyed and said "That's incredible! ... Did you leave any other books out there? I need to do this!" I gave her my blog web address and now have a new follower out there from the bookstore {hi Chelsea!}

Anyway, so rip the covers off your books.

Then stack up by size and wrap with twine

So simple!

Well, dearies, this is it for me for me until next week. 

These two lovebirds are getting hitched soon...

So its time for a weekend to celebrate! I'm New Orleans bound with the girls first thing in the morning. Here's hoping I come back from The Big Easy with all my dignity intact {no promises!}

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