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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

valentine wreath {tutorial}

Well, we made it back from New Orleans relatively unscathed. And minus a lot of sleep. I dozed yesterday while my better half did all the housework {have I mentioned lately how fantastic he is?!}

Back to the crafting world!

I had my berry wreath on the door for weeks now. Since it wasn't officially Christmas-y, I thought I could leave it up for a little extra time. But seriously, how long can that thing hang on the door before I get lumped into the same category as the neighbor that leaves his Christmas lights up all year round? I wasn't willing to take the risk. 

But a springtime wreath seems silly. I mean, its supposed to snow again tomorrow!

So I compromised. 

With a Valentine's Day Wreath!

By adding a simple piece of framed art the middle of my red berry wreath I was back in my neighborhood's good graces.

 - scrapbook paper {4}
         1 piece for background
         1 piece for pennants
         2 difference pieces for edging
 - twine
 - frame
 - hot glue/glue gun {not pictured, oops}

First, cut out your background page to fit your frame. I had an 8x10 frame to work with.

Next cut some one inch pieces to go along the side of your background. Layer these and make sure the end result still fits your frame. Hot glue in place.

Now cut out your pennant pieces. I used Word to create a simple shape, then typed on letter in each shape. I printed the document directly onto my scrapbook paper and then just cut out the pennants. 

Now draw the lines for your twine. I like to do this in pencil before I start gluing anything down.

 Hint: Start by gluing your twine down in the middle of the page. Then glue up each angle. Seems to make the process easier.

Arrange your pennants on the twine. Leave a bead of hot glue on top of the twine and stick the edge of the pennant over it. This give the entire thing more of a 3D look.

Now you just have to add the "love"
I sketched mine first. 

I added red paint to my frame for some pop.
Then tied the back of the frame to the wreath.

Hang and enjoy!

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