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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rugged Scarf - tutorial

I did bribe you with a craft yesterday. What kind of person would I be not to come through?? Enjoy!

No I haven't lost my neutral colored mind. This lime green doozy is for a friend.


 - 2 yards of jersey knit fabric
 - sewing machine

I like using the jersey knit because you can leave the edges unsewn and it doesn't fray. Loooove that!

First, cut your fabric. 
Cut {2} 72 inch by 8 inch strips of fabric
Cut {28} 8 inch by 3/4 inch strips of fabric. These will be divided into four piles of seven.

Now lay seven strips on at the end of one of the long fabric pieces. Make sure the curled edges of fabric are all facing up. Pin these down.
{there is no perfect way to do this, I promise}

Now sew a line right down the middle of each strip.

Now do the exact same thing at the other end of this  long strip of fabric. Same side up. 

When you finish there, do the same to two ends of the other fabric. Same side up.

Then lay the two long pieces of fabric together. Wrong side facing in/right side out. Pin them together and sew around the outside of the whole thing. 

{pardon my carpet}

Now trim all uneven edges and fringe.
{I had a lot of these}

Sweet scarf. Hope she likes it!

{The pups wanted some face time on the blog.}

Get your scarf time in now. Spring is coming!

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