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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recycled Scarflette - tutorial


Sometimes, its just not your day. Today, folks, is not my day. This blog is brought to you from up in my master bedroom. Why the bedroom you ask? Well, let me share with you what the downstairs of my house feels like right now ...

Ok, so its possible that I'm being slightly dramatic with this picture. 

But really guys, 51 degrees in the middle of the day is coooold. Especially with hardwood floors. {it was 45 when I woke up} Yes, these are new systems and yes, our upstairs thermostat went out two weeks ago. We're in yet another bitter battle with the heating company that put the units in.

So its been super cold downstairs since yesterday... This morning I started to get together the things for this tutorial and I realize that I have no idea where my sewing machine is {haven't used it since the move a couple weeks ago}. Found it ....

Some simple math: I'm 5'2" aka super short + a sewing machine at very top corner of a closet with ten foot ceilings + 1 very in trouble husband who must have unpacked it and stashed it {did that stinker do this on purpose?! say it ain't so!}. After some pushing and pulling and prodding and poking and an awkwardly placed tall step ladder, I got it down. Got the rest of my stuff together, headed upstairs, found this ....

This used to be a coffee filter wreath that I spent about two hours on the other day. Was just working on the tutorial. It's supposed to look more like this:

Pieces allllll over the house. This kind of thing happens sometimes. We have two dogs {really they're still puppies}  But today, really?? And that wreath? Uggghhh.

I called my husband. Yelled about life for a little bit {ironically I just realized that I never brought up the sewing machine thing. Man, he'll be so glad to hear about that when he gets home. haha} then I put my big girl drawers on and carried on with this project. Whew, what a morning.


 I love scarves. Really. Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to scarves. I can't stop! They're warm and fluffy and I have so many that match every outfit! This project was made for me!

 - old cable sweater*
 - scissors
 - sewing machine
  - needle/thread
 - pins
 - buttons accents (optional)

*I call this the recycled scarflette because the intent would be to use an old sweater that you don't really wear anymore. I didn't have any right now that I wanted to part with so I grabbed one from a local thrift store. Ideally, I really needed a longer sweater ...

In the end, the longer your sweater is, the better. You need about a 8" x 30" piece of fabric. No worries though, instead of just cutting the front panel out, I cut the front and back panels out and sewed them together.

{after cut out the front
Do the same with the backside

Then lay the right sides together and pin the raw edge {the top edge}

Now sew that edge.

Take out your pins, trim the edges and bam!, you've got a longer piece of sweater. This middle seam can go directly in the back of the scarf.

Now fold your long edges in {make it straight} and pin. Sew those sides.

The next part is all about you. Go find a mirror and drape the scarf over your shoulders. Get it to lay just like you'd want it. When its set, pin the edges in that location and sew down. Don't worry, there should be plenty of room to pull it right over your head afterward.

Now deck it out with some buttons or something!

A recycled scarflette!!

So warm and cozy for my not so warm and cozy house! Tomorrow will be a better day, I just know it!


  1. i so plan to make one of these. now just to find the sweater and time!
    great idea- misty wheeler

  2. Glad you like it! Bet you could even talk your girls into wearing one!