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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Plan

I've decided to blog about life more.

Why? Well, because I can. Geez, sassy-pants.

Oh, now, stop your whining. I'll still do the same blessed craft stuff as always. But you're going to have to put up with some narcissistic ramblings in the between. It's time to sing for your supper readers... No. Not really. Because you can clicky-click away and never return again. And then I'll be alone with myself.

So I'll bribe you with crafts. I'm definitely not above bribery. Works with the dogs every time {maybe I should get that into check before I have children}.

So ... what is there to write about? I mean, a whole post? Sans pictures? And hot glue? Sound dangerous. Maybe we could talk about my wanna-be-New-Years-Resolution-that-I'll-never-actually-keep? Well, it's to get my big butt into shape again. I say 'again' because at one point I actually was fit as a fiddle {why do we say that?? fiddles aren't in the proper form for exercise! maybe it's fit as a fiddle that's been tightly tuned? ... which makes more sense but is still weird.} My point is that yes, I was formerly in shape. I ran high school track and cross country and went on to run cross country in college. Yup, college athlete. I'm uppity as they come.

Unfortunately, college was several years ago. So here I am. Out of shape. Now, don't confuse my saying "I'd like to be in shape" with "I'm going to eat healthier." Yes, I realize that the two are somewhat connected but I learned long ago that I have absolutely no will power when it comes to food. I mean none. None. Girlfriend loves her ice cream and sodas. 
My friend Caroline told me to try this awesome three day diet a couple weeks ago. Three days. That's it. How many days did I last? Umm, we'll round up to one ...

Today really wasn't the day to start running either. When that alarm went off at 6:30, I thought it had to be wrong. Don't you hate that? I got in from my first 30-minute exercise of 2011 and thought my life was over. What are the symptoms of a heart attack? Can you actually sweat to death? Thirty-five minutes ago, I was so full of hope. Of life. Where did it all go wrong?
Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Cooking up some dinner and then planning on taking a long walk with the mister. No, not off a short pier, but you are funny for thinking that. Tomorrow, if you're sweet, I might have a new craft for you.

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