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Saturday, January 8, 2011

monogrammed dish towels {tutorial}

Today is good. No. Today is fantastic. I slept until 9:30 {married with no kids has some definite perks}, my mister fixed me breakfast while I whipped up this little craft {still in my comfiest sweatpants}, and after a quick shower, he and I are headed out on a lunch date to scour the city's finest thrift shops for a vintage table and chairs. We have no plans, no schedule and no worries. Today is fantastic.

I hope your Saturday finds you rested and relaxed. Here's a sweet little diddy for all my fellow monogram lovers out there!

 - dish towel (I love the simple flour sack ones)
 - monogram design (printed off your computer)
 - freezer paper
 - fabric paint/paint brush
 - exacto knife
 - iron/ironing board

First step is have a design ready. I just opened a new Word document and created one. Easy enough.

{tip: the simpler the font, the easier}

The next step is dependent on what type of printer you have:

If you own an inkjet printer:
 - cut out a piece of the freezer paper to fit your printer {8.5 x 11}
 - print your design out directly onto the freezer paper {on the smooth side, not the waxy side}

If you own a laser printer {extra step}:
 - print your design
 - cut out a piece of freezer paper to fit your design
 - trace design from the regular paper onto the freezer paper {smooth side, not the waxy side}

I have an inkjet so I was able to just print my design directly onto the freezer paper and skip any tracing.

Using your exacto knife, carefully cut out the design to create a monogram stencil. Make sure to grab an old magazine or newspaper to put behind the freezer paper as you cut.

Now lay your design out onto the towel in the exact place that you want it to be {waxy side down}. Carefully iron over it. The heat from the iron will cause the paper to stick to the fabric.

Paint over the exposed fabric.

Before paint dries, peel the freezer paper off the dish towel.

Once the paint has dried, you're finished! Hang this beauty on display!

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