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Monday, January 10, 2011

doilie print pillow {tutorial}

Another snow day in Alabama! I'm amazed with our second "blizzard" of the season. We got over a foot of snow at our house, more snow than this area has seen in 18 years! My mister and I got out for a little while this morning with the pups.

But snow days also means cozying up, hot chocolate, movies, chili, books and of course, some crafting!

Here's a little diddy I worked up based on the monogramed towel tutorial from earlier this week.

 - fabric (using linen here)
 - doilies
 - spray adhesive
 - fabric paint
 - freezer paper
 - monogram design
 - paintbrush
 - exacto knife
 - pillow stuffing or a pillow to cover

Cut out your fabric to the correct dimensions for your pillow. I'm making a pretty generic 15 x 15 pillow, so that was simple enough.

Next spray your doilie with spray adhesive and stick it down on your fabric where you'd like the design to be. Make sure to smooth it down.

Apply paint to the open areas of the doilie.

Before the paint dries, carefully pull up the doilie. It should leave your circular design stenciled to the fabric.
{sorry, I forgot to take a pic}

Now get your monogram ready. Follow the same steps  from the tea towel tutorial to create a stencil.

Print/trace your design onto the freezer paper. 


Cut out with the exacto knife

And then iron {waxy side down} onto your fabric to make it stick

Paint inside your stencil and make sure to peel up before the paint dries. After the design has dried, I also like to heat set it by ironing over it again.

Now you just have to sew your pillow. Place the two "right" sides facing each other.

Sew the sides of the pillow.

Make sure to leave a space unsewn to fill your pillow with stuffing.

After filling the pillow, hand stitch up the remaining hole and enjoy!!

Happy snow day!! ... {sounds much better than Happy Monday}

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  1. Nicole – wonderful tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. Love all of your posts!