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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Craft Tips!

Its always nice to make life a little bit easier. Especially in the messy craft world. Here are a few of my favorite tips!

 - Use a cookie sheet w/ newspaper or wax paper for a portable craft surface…super easy cleanup!

 - Sharpen your scissors by cutting sand paper.

 - Place a little bit of Vaseline to the end of your glue gun to get rid of those long glue strings.

 - Soak your paint brushes in fabric softener or hair conditioner for 10 min…cleans right off!

 - Need to create a large pattern? Use newspapers!

 - Keeping a magnet close by makes picking up those sewing pins a sinch!

Do you have any craft tips to share? I'll take all the help I can get!!

Also, I need to make a confession ... I just took count, and I have a total of 12 tutorials in the works {holy cow?!}. Why can't I do one thing at a time?? I'm working on getting the madness organized and hopefully posting some of these beauties! So be ready folks, the crafts are coming your way!


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