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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

argyle onesie {tutorial}

I don't have any crumb-snatchers of my own, but I do have a brand new super cute niece, Olivia. And since my last onesie tutorial was so incredibly popular, I thought it might be time for a new one.

I mean seriously, how adorable is this??

And the perk for the faint-hearted? ... no sewing machine needed for this one!

 - onesie
 - material for diamonds*
 - matching thread for the above material
 - Heat Bond Iron-On adhesive {optional}
 - embroidery thread
 - a couple pins
 - needle

*I used tshirt fabric to keep it from fraying

First grab a diamond pattern. I just printed one off from the shapes option in Word. My diamond is 3" x 1.5"

Use your pattern to cut out three diamonds from your extra material.

Now line up your diamonds in the center of your onesie. 

Since sometimes pining fabric still allows it to move around, I like to use some iron-on adhesive like Heat Bond to keep the material securely in place. I cut a couple stripes and placed them under the diamond in the shape of a cross. Then iron away.

If you're without Heat Bond, just make sure to pin the diamonds down to the onesie securely so they don't shift.

Now sew around the edges of your diamonds with matching thread.

Next, grab your diamond pattern and trace out three extra patterns {for a total of four paper diamonds}. 

Pin these down in place between the previously sewn diamonds to create the argyle-ish pattern {after making sure everything lines up properly, I'd suggest pinning one paper diamond down at a time, makes for less sharp straight pins to poke yourself on}

With your embroidery thread, sew a border around the edges of the diamond patterns.

And that's it!

I just know that my sweet niece Olivia is going to look fabulous in her argyle!


  1. Sarah - this is adorable and gave me inspiration to create my own. I shared a link to your tutorial in my post today too! ;)


    Thanks for sharing! I love it!