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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poinsettia Gift Garnish! - tutorial

Alright, are you still wrapping gifts and stashing things under the tree? If so, here's a great idea to pump up the craftiness for a couple of those special presents!

 - scissors
 - a needle and thread
 - hot glue gun/glue
 - a small piece of felt (6”x6” will do)
 - an assortment of buttons.

Freehand a small petal outline, like the one above. Mine are usually about 2” long, and 1.5” wide, but you can create a larger or smaller template based on what size flower you'd like.

 Lightly trace the template onto your felt, creating five petals. Then cut out each petal, being sure to cut off or carefully erase any leftover pencil markings.

 Knot one end of your thread, and thread your needle. Using a simple stitch, place two stitches at the base of each petal, one right after another, stringing together all five petals. Knot the needle end of your thread and cut off any excess.

Now slowly pull one end of the thread, allowing your petals to pucker and bunch. Keep pulling until the petals are closely bunched. Then, tightly tie both ends of the thread together to keep the petals in their new floral shape.

Simply hot glue your button to the front your flower, and attach to your package! Ta-da!


Here's hoping the outside of your presents are as fabulous as the presents themselves! 

Merry Christmas!!


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