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Sunday, December 5, 2010

photo coasters {tutorial}

My friend Cayce is super smart...
It wasn't too long ago that a group of us were hanging out at another couple's apartment. Cayce saw the photo coasters that I had made for this friend and slyly mentioned that she'd love some. That her anniversary was coming up .... and that they were thinking of buying a new house soon and the coasters would make a great house warming gift. Cayce is so smart. And sneaky. :) And I like her a lot. So now that she and her husband Bradley just officially bought and moved in to their new home, it's time for some new coasters!

I love these and yet, I STILL don't have my own set. What the heck?? Enjoy!!

 - 4 photos
 - 4 coaster tiles {I get mine in the ceramics department at Lowe's}
 - Mod Podge sealer glue
 - super glue
 - a paint brush {not pictured ... oops}
 - thin cork
 - sanding block/sand paper {optional}

I grabbed some pictures of Cayce and Bradley offline (thank you social networking!). I love these photos of them taken for their engagement pictures! Done by one of my favorite local photographers, Armosa Studios - check them out, they do good stuff!
After giving the pictures a vintage tint, I cropped them to 3.4 inches square with rounded corners and printed them out. Something you can do in tons of computer programs (I think I actually used Word to print these on one page).

Start by putting a layer of mod podge onto your tile

Now place your picture down.

Add a thin layer of mod podge on top of the picture. Try to be conscious to make the strokes in the same direction. While the mod podge will dry clear, you'll be able to see the texture of the sealer so the smoother the better.

After your first layer here, move on and do a layer on the other three coasters. By the time you finish the last coaster, your first one will be dry enough. Start a second coat then on all of them.

Give the second layer of mod podge at least an hour to dry.

I like for my coasters to have a vintage feel to them so after the picture has dried I'll distress the edges. This is completely optional. If you don't like the distressed look, then move on to putting the cork back on the coasters.

Grab your sanding block or sand paper and rub the edges of the picture. You'll see the start edges fall away. Make sure to watch what you're doing here. If you rub too much off, you can't go back.

After you've done this step, its a good idea to go back and put another layer of mod podge over it. This will reseal any parts that have peeled off or curled up by the sand paper.

After distressing your coasters, its time to put the back on them. This helps protect your furniture from the tough ceramic edges. Just like in the last coaster tutorial, I add some super glue to the back of the coaster

Then stick on a thin square piece of cork. (to cut these out of the cork roll, I just traced the coaster onto the cork and cut out the right size square)

And ta-da! Photo coasters! 
Cayce, I hope you like how these turned out! I'll get them in the mail to your new house asap!

Tis the season, so from here on out I'd like to get on to some holiday crafting! Can't wait to show you what I've got up my sleeve this Christmas!

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  1. Wonderful idea and so easy! I will definitely have to try this. :) Love the blog by the way.