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Friday, December 17, 2010

How Do You Display Your Christmas Cards?

I love Christmas cards. Really love them. 

The husband and I like to send out a picture card {with the pups} each year. I love taking the picture, designing the card, and ordering them {always from tinyprints- they're awesome!} I love making out my address list each year and addressing the cards. I love comments from people telling me that my dogs are HUGE and we have a cute family {we do make for handsome photo}.

But my very favorite part is getting Christmas cards in the mail from other people!! Going to the mailbox in December makes me a little giddy. So far this year I've gotten some fantastic cards. Minus the one from an old family friend asking me three times when the husband and I are going to have kids {really?? pressure in a Christmas card?? sheesh.} Anywho, so I'm working on some display ideas now.

How do you display your Christmas cards? Here are some favorite designs ideas I've found!

Oh Martha, you would know how to make a beautiful Christmas card tree! Click on the picture for a how-to at her website.

Love, love, love the vintage shutter idea. I've been wanting to do this for years but can never seem to find the right shutter!

And remember guest blogger Erin from last week? Here is her Christmas card display:

Love the twig frames!

What creative card displays have you seen this year? Do you have a fabulous display to share?

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