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Monday, November 15, 2010

twisted roses {tutorial}

I'm super excited about this series. Lots of good stuff to do! 

On to day one:
Ok, raise your hand if you love these! Me too! Several of you asked about these accents when you saw them on the ruffle wreath and the jewelry hanger. What better way to start off the tutorial series! These roses are super quick to make and always cute!

- fabric (anything cotton based)
 - scissors
 - glue gun/glue
 - felt
 - toule (optional - decorative)
 - beads (optional - decorative)

To start, you'll need a strip of fabric to make the flower. Start to cut the strip with your scissors, but to make that torn, vintage  look, tear the fabric the rest of the way.

The longer your fabric strip, the larger the flower. I'm making a medium sized flower so my strip is about 2 feet long.
Next, tie a knot in one end of the fabric.

Turn the knot inside, wrapping the fabric around it in a spiral.

As you spiral the fabric around the knot, twist the fabric too.

If you're making anything other than a small flower, you'll want to start putting a dab of glue in between the layers every now and then. This will help your flower keep its shape as you keep spiraling and twisting.

Keep twisting and wrapping. Don't forget to add that touch of glue every now and then

Make sure to leave an inch or two of fabric at the end of your strip.

Flip the flower over and apply some glue to the back side. Then fold the last bit of fabric onto the glue.

Cut a piece of felt out that is just smaller than your flower. 

Glue the felt to the back of the flower. This helps secure those spirals and also makes it look a tad cleaner.

As you can see, I added some love to my flower with tulle and beads. Decorate yours! Add a hair clip or pin to the back for jewelry or accessories.

I love these twist roses because they are super easy and there are so many things you can do with them.
Here's a few suggestions ...

As for mine, I've made it a pin and I'm attaching it to a card to send to my Grama. She's the coolest :) Don't worry, Gram doesn't have a computer so the surprise won't be spoiled.

Now go be obsessed with making twisted roses. See you tomorrow for another flower tutorial!


  1. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.
    We will be decorating cute pillowcase dresses to send all around the world to little girls that have little to nothing. They will love the cute flower accents.
    Thanks again

  2. found you from Pinterest and love the flower tutorial.