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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

turkey day onesie {tutorial}

I love Thanksgiving!
It's always aggravated me that commercialism runs straight from Halloween to Christmas, passing Thanksgiving by without much of a thought. I'm a firm believer in waiting until the Friday after
Thanksgiving before the Christmas tree can go up and the Christmas music can come on. My little holiday could use all the help it can get. More importantly, I think we could all give thanks a little more for the awesome blessings God has given us.

Having said that .....
Full credit for this idea goes to my friend Jill (yes, that's the new mom of sweet Ava). She found aSouthernLegacy's Etsy shop, where there are some adorable Thanksgiving onesies for sale. Jill asked if this was something I might could try to do a tutorial for so she could make one for Ava. My answer to that? Umm, duh. As if I need any excuse to make something for my sweet neice Olivia!

Let's do this!

I made my turkey onesie with the traditional fall/Thanksgiving colors, but this is yet another project that you can take in any direction. Mix up all your fabrics/ribbons and styles to make it your own!

: :  Materials  : :

 - onesie
 - brown felt {turkey body}
 - ribbon {turkey feathers}
 - buttons {turkey eyes}
 - scrap fabric {turkey nose and gobbler}
 - needle and thread
 - optional: hot glue gun/glue

Sketch out your turkey body on a piece of paper. Don't make this super complicated - its essentially a two tier snowman. Now, trace two copies of your turkey body onto your felt and cut them out.

 Ribbon cutting! I'd suggest about five or six pieces in each color. Most should be somewhere around 5-6 inches long.

Cut out a triangle for the turkey nose and a squiggly scrap for the turkey gobble. Sew those and the button eyes onto your one of turkey bodies. {no special skills required here! Just outline the nose and gobble} Keep the other turkey body nearby.

Time for some ribbon action. Grab your blank turkey body and a piece of your ribbon. Loop the ribbon and sew the ends onto your blank turkey body with a couple quick stitches. Don't worry about being neat, this sewing will be covered by the other turkey.

Continue to add more pieces of looped ribbon. Sew each one down individually. Again, no need to be neat with the stitches. Also don't worry about looping them just right. It is a silly turkey after all.

 The next part is sort of optional, I just think it makes the whole thing a touch easier. Grab your glue gun and put a dab of glue in the middle of your ribboned turkey.

Place your real turkey body {the one with the face} on top of the blank, ribboned body. That dab of glue will hold them together until they're sew properly. If you skip the glue, just put a straight pin through both bodies to hold them in place.

He's so cute!

Now lay your turkey on the onesie and pin down to the correct place.

Sew around the edges of your turkey body. To be clear, you should be sewing two pieces of felt onto the front of the onesie. This stitching will also go through the ribbon you sewed down earlier, making it more secure.

All done!! Time to admire your handy work. What a handsome bird!

Always feel free to add your own touch. The super cute girly turkeys on aSouthernLegacy's Etsy page even have a hair bow!

Thanks for the suggestion Jill!!

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