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Thursday, November 4, 2010

ruffle wreath {tutorial}

You guys know I'm all about a good door hanger!
And since fall is almost over, I had to get this fantastic ruffle wreath up soon.
 Here's my fall version - Enjoy!

 - styrofoam wreath
 - burlap (4 inch wide strips, as long as possible)
 - hot glue gun/glue
 - stick pins
 - scissors
 - needle and thread (optional)

First, wrap a strip of burlap around the styrofoam wreath until completely covered. Secure ends of the burlap with stick pens or hot glue.

Make sure to fully cover the wreath

There are several ways to do the next step, so listen up. Our goal is to ruffle a strip of burlap along the edges of the wreath. This will serve as the back layer of fabric. Option one is to take a strip of burlap and start to ruffle it by hand, then sew a needle and thread through the ruffled portions to keep it secure. From there all you have to do is hot glue the  ruffled fabric onto the wreath. Option two is to ruffle and glue down at the same time - no thread. Pick your poison. I used the thread option this time.

Yay! The back of the wreath is done. Now flip it over!

Same premise on the front side of the wreath. Again, you can use the needle and thread if they make the ruffling easier. I'm going to skip it this time and just use the glue gun to tack down the fabric. I think it gives the wreath a bit cleaner look (that, and I'm lazy).

Wow! And the wreath is done! Simple right?
I've updated this wreath several times. Here's my latest version: 

I added some seasonal embellishments to mine  - some fabric twisted roses { h e r e }, feathers, an organza burnt flower { h e r e }, and a fall tag tied on with twine. Dress yours up however you like. 

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