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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hand Stamped Coasters - tutorial

This tutorial is an obnoxious example of how many mistakes I make while working.
 Crafting is all about trial and error so don't get frustrated if it doesn't work out right away! 

As for me ... I usually make mistakes because I'm distracted with other things. Laundry, work, cooking dinner, balance the checkbook, unpacking boxes, designing my new office .. the list goes on and on! My brain never seems to stop spinning! In a lot of ways, this tutorial went all wrong. But the coasters are done and hopefully I've saved a few of you from a couple of the same mistakes!

On to the next!
I learned to make these coasters a long time ago, and I've had tons of people request me to make them or to teach them how. These coasters are great in your home and also make awesome wedding and housewarming gifts!

 - 4 ceramic coasters*
 - a stamp
 - StazOn Ink Pad**
 - acrylic gloss sealer


*I use the 4x4 ceramic almond tiles from Lowe's {they're about $.25 each!} but really you can use any tile that isn't glossy or too dark to show the ink
**Make sure to use StazOn ink. Other inks will run easily.

Stamp your design on to the coasters. Make sure to allow a minute or two for the ink to dry.

Have a damp paper towel handy in case you smudge the ink or don't get the stamp in just the right place. If you catch it really quickly, you can usually wipe off the ink and try again. I smudged here:

I also didn't heed my own advice to have the damp paper towel handy and I spent time trying to take a picture of the smudge for you guys ... so my ink didn't get wiped of fast enough.

Luckily, these things are only a quarter ... and I have a second coaster tutorial coming up that I can still use this one for. Hi silver lining!

After your ink has had time to dry. Take your coasters outside to spray the sealer. 
Important advice!!: Spray the sealer lightly from a distance of atleast 18 inches away! If you get too close and get too much sealer on the coasters, even the SprazOn ink will run and then you'll have a hot mess.

Again, I wasn't thinking clearly when I sprayed my first layer of sealer and I forgot this important rule. I caught it quickly and might have salvaged the coasters but check out what can happen. See how the ink gets a bit blurry? 
Don't do this, ok? Ok.

You'll want to do 5-6 light coats of sealer. Give it about 15  minutes to dry in between layers.

If the backs of your tiles are as rough as mine ...

... you might want to cover the back of them to protect your furniture. I like to super glue a thin piece of cork on the backs. You can buy this in a roll at any craft store. The felt tabs that go on the bottom of furniture also work.

And you're done.

Check out these coasters that I made with a sheet music stamp. You can create all kinds of options!

Now go pour yourself a cold one. And by all means, use a coaster! 

Check back in a few days for another spin on the coasters!

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