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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

folded flowers {tutorial}

Hello lovelies - Ready for yet another handmade floral adventure? This 3D flower is super cute and goes with anything!

 - thick fabric (wool looks great! I'm using felt because its inexpensive and I've got a bunch of these to make for a Christmas project)
 - scissors
 - glue gun/gun

First, cut your templates out of paper. They're pretty simple shapes but if you're a little hesitant I'll attach mine here too. Feel free to print/copy/trace - whatever you need. Click the photo for full size.

Trace your pattern onto the fabric. You'll need seven flower petals and two circles. 

Now cut 'em out!

 Grab a flower petal and lets get started.

Fold the petal in half.

And in half again.

Grab your scissors and cut off the corner edge.

Put a dab of hot glue on the end of the petal where you just cut the corner off.

Now glue the petal down on the edge of one of the circles.

Continue with the same steps with four more petals. That should make five petals going around the outside of the circle.

Add two more flower petals to the middle to fill it out.

Now flip the  flower over. If yours looks anything like mine that back circle is kinda ... dented? Put a ring of glue around it....

... and attach the other circle to it to clean up the look. 

Ta da!! Attach a pin or a magnet or a clip. You know the drill by now!!

I'm working on making several of these for my Christmas tree... {spoiler alert - think garland!} ...
Or maybe ornaments? Make two flowers and put them back to back for a super cute flower ball. Glue a piece of twine in the middle for a great hanging ornament!

Guess we're on a real roll with these flower tutorials. See you soon - another day, another flower!

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