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Friday, November 19, 2010

Flower Bouquets - tutorial

The final day of the tutorial! I have to say I've really enjoyed getting so much together this past week. Love this series!

On to today's project!

 - fabric
 - scissors
 - needle and thread
 - straight pins (not pictured ... oops)

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have made this flower out of such a crazy print. Its hard to see what I'm doing. But hang in there with me!
Cut a strip of fabric out. Make sure its at least 4-5 inches thick and at least 20 or so inches long. The longer the strip of fabric, the larger the flower.

Fold the strip in half, hot dog style. Then pin it.

Stitch a hem in the long, open end of the fabric. This can be done with big messy stitches. It definitely doesn't have to be pretty.

As you sew, pull the fabric tightly. This will gather the fabric and bunch it at the bottom.

It should look something like this when you're done:

Start with one end of the strip and start twisting it inside. You want it to be tight at the bottom where the fabric is bunched, but the top part will flare out {like a flower!}

Put several stitches in the back side of the flower to hold that wrapping you just did.

Ta-da! These too can go everywhere. When you sew these flowers you can add a floral stem to the middle of them. They make a great bouquet that never goes old! Here's one in my guest bedroom.

I also made a bunch of these for my best friend.We attached them to branches and used them for the center pieces in her wedding. It was super DIY awesome!!

I hope at least one of these tutorials this week has inspired you to get crafty! Feel free to send me pictures of all of your creations!

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