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Thursday, November 18, 2010

flat roses {tutorial}

Wow, day four!

Before we begin, I'm going to need some cooperation from you guys ... 

Please don't hate on my hideous ironing board!

Believe it or not, I'm actually not the ironer around the house {my husband is awesome!} so I really haven't paid that much attention to the cover on the ironing board ... until now. And holy crap is it awful!! Ugly, dirty and the pattern is even kind of warped! If I promise you that I'll replace it asap, will you promise to try to move past it? ... Ya'll are the best!

Now let's get rollin'!

 - fabric
 - scissors
 - iron
 - sewing machine

Cut out your piece of fabric. Make sure its a square, I'd suggest a 5x5 inch square.

Now fold three pleats in the fabric towards yourself. 

Iron your fabric to hold these folds in place.

Sew the folded edges of the fabric.

Put three more folds in your fabric going the other way. Iron down again {or try to anyway - it starts to get awkward here. The iron will at least help keep your pleats sharp}

Sew the newly folded edges.

Now for the fun part! Push up underneath your fabric to poke the center part out. Tuck your edges under. You want your shape to be round and also three dimensional

Pinch the top, center spot on your shape and start to twist. As you twist, the shape will start to flatten. Keep twisting until you can't anymore and the shape is flat.

Once the shape is completely tight, slide your fingers out of the way and iron over the flower. Iron it on the highest setting for about 20 seconds to set the flower's shape.

Badda-bing! A flat rose!
Don't worry if you don't get this right the first try. The twisting part takes some practice. My first couple of flowers looked weird. You can untwist the flower a time or two and retwist if you need to. 

Again, these go every where. I've seen them everywhere from quilts to decor. Do your thing!

Now that you've mastered four days of flowers, what do you think about doing an entire bouquet tomorrow??? Stay tuned for our final day of flower projects!


  1. Hi!

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog.

    Nancy Ward

  2. interesting. Will have to try it.