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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

burnt flowers {tutorial}

Little known fact about me:

I'd rather glue than sew {even though I burn myself constantly}
You'll see me break out that hot glue gun in a hurry on some of these projects because it just seems so much faster {its usually not}.

But for today's installment of

there is no glueing. I'm just going to have to "man-up" and break out my needle and thread. Don't worry though, this project still won't take any great length of time. PLUS, there is a little added bonus... 
Playing with fire!! ... No other pyros here? Oh well. Let's get to it!

 - polyester satin fabric  (organza works too!)
 - a lighter/candle
 - scissors
 - needle and thread
 - decorative beads

First, cut three squares out of your fabric. One large, one medium, one small.  Your flower will be a bit smaller than your largest square so think on those terms when it comes to size. Mine start around 3" here.

Now round the corners of your squares to make them circles. For those of you type-A perfectionists like me out there, take a deep breath - they definitely don't have to be perfect.

Now grab your large circle and your lighter. Gently {and carefully!} hold the edge of each circle over the flame until the fabric begins to melt and curl. Its kind of hard to actually burn the fabric but if you do get a dark spot, just cut it off and remelt.

If your material ignites {some do} it’s probably just best to start over with a different material.  I haven’t figured out why some polyester satins melt and others burn ... Please don't light yourself on fire!

Now do the other two and stack together

Feel free to add as many layers as your like for a fuller flower. Also you can mix fabrics too. This is a shiny satin polyester, but organza material works too and its a little more lacy looking. The two are neat to mix.

Take your needle through the middle of the three layers and sew your beads down.

{yes, if you are super observant, that's a different colored flower. Forgot to take a picture of this step the first time ... oops!}

And waa-laa! Done.

Feel free to add more layers for a really full flower!


What are you going to do with your flowers? Attach a pin or a clip to the back for an accessory. Or maybe a magnet for cute fridge decor! 

Here are few other ideas ...
 - as a pin
 - on a purse
 - on a headband
 - on a hat

It's my absolute duty as aunt to make some super cute headbands for baby Liv so I've attached mine to stretchy a baby headband (found at a craft store).

I'm also thinking of make a few of these in red to clip on our Christmas tree this year... And maybe a pillow covered in them? I'll keep you posted.

No go forth and burn some flowers! See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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