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Friday, November 26, 2010

book page wreath {tutorial}

First, let me say that I love love love this project. I've seen variations of these wreaths in the blog-o-sphere for awhile now and I've been meaning to make one for forever!

Two words of caution:
 - This project isn't difficult, but it does take some time. Mine took me a full movie ... so like, 2 hours ish?
 - Also, the post is very picture heavy. Hopefully that'll be more of a help instead of a hinderance.


 - a book. I used an old copy of Pride & Prejudice
 - hot glue gun/glue
 - styrofoam wreath

Tear out your book pages. Mine took me about 250 pages so be prepared with a book that has enough paper for this.

Grab your first sheet and bend it a few times. Crease it if you'd like or just kinda roll it.

Attach it to your wreath

Sometimes it helps if you glue one end of the page folds together though. Put a dab of glue in the folds of one end.

Create an overlapping layer all the way around the wreath. Make sure to leave a 1-1/2 inch overlap on the inside of the wreath too.

Now flip it over

 Using the same folding technique with the pages, glue a layer on this side of the wreath. This time glue your inside flap down to the wreath

Now take that inside edge from the back and glue it up to the inside of the wreath

Here comes the next layer. Do the normal folds with your page and then add a couple other small folds on one end of the page.

Glue a layer of these all around the wreath

Add another layer of these again!

For the next layer, put the normal folds in the page, then stick the page on the inside of the wreath with about 2 inches showing on the backside.

Glue to the inside of the wreath.

And also the other end to the backside of the wreath. 

Now the layers of your wreath are done! 
All that's left is to add in some filler in places you might need it. For this, do the same folds in a page as you have been doing, then fold the roll in half and cut off part of end. Put a dab of glue on the same folded edge and stick this page in any slots that look a little thin.

And its done!!

There are so many fabulous options for this!:

I also love the idea of adding a red or green ribbon to hang it and maybe a few berry sprigs at the top to make it a Christmas wreath. Or maybe use sheet music for it instead? 
To add a ribbon, just stick the ribbon to your wreath with a couple of stick pins. Will hold perfectly without adding more glue.

Does anyone else get just a little sad that it does take destroying a book to make one of these? Still, all so gorgeous!!

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